Our Credo


We believe that conflicts can be resolved peacefully, without having to resort to cowardly acts of terrorism and violence.

Here’s what we want to do:

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  • Speak out against aggression and terrorism
  • Give Pakistanis a platform from which to air their views and opinions
  • Counter large extremist gatherings by showing up in larger numbers at peace rallies
  • Raise a common voice against the status-quo by building consensus amongst Pakistanis

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Our detractors justify the indiscriminate massacre of innocent civilians with three words: “acceptable collateral damage”. We are up against a formidable force. However, we will strike at the heart of what they fear most: CHANGE.

Pakistanis: We need to wake up, lose our complacency, and start feeling again. Drawing room conversations are soon forgotten. Please join us in our activism to build a voice that is taken seriously by the influencers and the decision makers so that they no longer control our destinies.

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